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There are many writer's advice pages on the internet: Just go to Yahoo! or
another search page and type in appropriate words: author, literary agents,
One place is

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> has anyone read _the wings of a falcon_ by cynthia voight?
> completely unrelated question: does anyone know where i can find an
example of a cover letter, that is, the query letter you send to a
publisher/agent to see if they would be interested in your manuscript?
> finally: i finally saw the "good conversations: a talk with robin
mckinley" video - it was wonderful, of course!!! robin did say in the
interview that she doesn't want her fans to idolize her because, among other
reasons, by placing her in the role of Supreme Artist her fans may deny
their own creative, artistic potential...ok, so maybe i'm any overly fanatic
fan myself, but i know that reading robin's books doesn't subvert my own
creativity - on the contrary, it gives me more ideas for stories of my own:)

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