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24th July, 1998. 1:07 p.m.


My favourite opera is "La Traviata" (Verdi) just for the music. It's about
a courtesan who falls in love with a young man and runs away with him. Very
tragic stuff.

I also love Mozart (yes, I know, cliche, cliche). I saw "The Marriage of
Figaro" recently. DO NOT see it sung in Englsh - it ruins it. I also saw
"Cosi Fan Tutte" which was brilliant just because the themes are so
relevant to contemporary society (men, women and social relationships).
Mozart is good that way - his themes are virtually timeless


Vonda McIntyre wrote a book called "The Moon and the Sun" which won the
Nebula this year.


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"And they saw in Jason's mind the things he treasured most, the
memories that were strongest, and they were all the times of fear
and hunger, pain and grief. And they looked into their own hearts,
and saw what memories had endured through all the ages of time,
and they were memories of struggle and accomplishment... - these had
lasted, while the simple contentment had not. They saw that this
was what had made them good, even in their own eyes; and because
they had left the rest of man no evils to overcome, they had robbed
them of the hope of greatness, of the possibility of joy."
Orson Scott Card, "The Worthing Saga", p. 266.
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