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Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 08:24:11 PDT

i tried to post this message earlier but i'm not sure it worked: usa today recently published the modernlibrary's picks for the top 100 novels published in the english language in the 20th century, and they're conducting an ongoing readers' poll to update the list, so everybody please vote for robin! go to can vote for as many books as you want as many times as you want, so you can vote for _beauty_ 100 times, then _hero_, then _sword_...just make sure you include the entire title, including articles such as "a,an,the," because if some people vote for simply "hero and the crown," and not "THE hero and the crown," it will register as two different books - and spell the author's name right, too, or that won't count, either...Dune and lord of the rings are already on the list, so robin deserves to be there, too!(she needs around 220 votes to get into the running, i think)
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