McKinley: Opera

From: Vicki J. Kondelik <>
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 11:19:01 PDT

I have been an opera fan for a long time, and I agree with all of the
suggestions so far. I'd like to add a few more:

Mozart's "The Magic Flute". This is my favorite opera, and I think it's a
perfect first opera, both for children and adults. It contains many
"fairy tale" elements; perfect for fans of Robin's books. Another good
first opera is "Hansel and Gretel", for the same reasons.

Also, I'd recommend "La Boheme" and "Rigoletto". Finally, and this might
seem a strange choice, "Les Miserables". Yes, I know it's a musical, but
a lot of people consider it an opera.

Vicki Kondelik

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