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I think that the choice is just something they'd have to come to terms
with. Yeah, I know it sounds like some silly cliche, but sometimes people
have to do things best as they know. Beauty's choice was particularly
difficult. I think one thing I like abt the book is that, well, sometimes
stories of ordinary people struggling with their lives can be as
interesting as that of the stars. Yes, I'm disappointed that the beast
didn't turn into a prince, but I guess McKinley's exploring the idea of
what's considered a happy ending here. What IF the choice went the other
way is an interesting speculation, I must say.

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> Subject: McKinley: Choices (Spoilers: Rose Daughter)
> Date: 07 February 1998 05:05
> I must say that I disliked the ending of Rose Daughter for only one
> reason; the beast is still a beast. I know it was supposed to be
> that Beauty was supposed to decide, but what was the point of her making
> this poor guy suffer much longer in the body of a beast? We know she was
> in love with him, there was no moral delimma left for her, (as in, did
> she fall in love with him *only* because he was beautiful?) Comments,
> anyone?
> Shan
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