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I assume no one is forced to read a message they don't want to, so a
spoiler warning at the beginning should suffice. Or perhaps in the
subject: Sp:RD
(spoiler, Rose Daughter)
I wouldn't worry much about other books, but if you feel like being
complete, HC, BS, DS, OS, might do. (Hero, Blue Sword, Deerskin,

I liked Patrica Wrean's _Snow White, Rose Red_, part of the Datlow and
Windling Fairy Tale Series. It's a retelling of the Grimm tale, but
grounded. It's in Elizabethan England, what happens makes sense,
characters have motivation. And it has the Faerie Queen in it. Well, a
Faerie Queen.

I like P.C. Hodgell's books a lot as well, and have written of the
similarities between Jame and Aerin. And now I realize that those pages
aren't connected to the new McKinley site, and I should fix that.

These are the books which come quickly to mind. I could recommend much
more, but I'd rather not type that much just now.

-xx- Damien X-)
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