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created 2 May 2007
modified 20 Dec 2015

Fan translations of Fuyumi Ono's Twelve Kingdoms novels. I haven't done any of them, but I copied them, which was good because one set disappeared later. Index of originals is here.
  • [2015 Dec 20] Eugene Woodbury has translated or updated all but the first two Taiki novels, and ePub or Mobi editions are available at his site, along with HTML versions. Mirror here.
  • Mashou no Ko (Demon Child) The first novel written; Taiki as a high schooler in Japan. Anime episodes with him and Sugimoto are loosely informed by this novel, but lots of stuff is different. Mirror
  • Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi (Shadow of the Moon, Sea of Shadows) First Youko novel, corresponding to the first 14 episodes of the anime. Translated by Eugene Woodbury. PDFs are also available: volume 1 and volume 2. Original HTML here. Eugene went so far as to compare his translation with Tokyopop's. If that tag search doesn't work right, try going to the beginning. Or note that the entries themselves link back.
  • Kaze no Umi, Meikyuu no Kishi (Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Labyrinth) Young Taiki comes to Japan. Episodes 15-21 of the anime (which also have a bit of Demon Child mixed in). Translated by Retrooo. Original
  • Kaze no Banri, Reimei no Sora (A Thousand Leagues of Wind, The Sky at Dawn) Youko and Shoukei and Suzu and civil war. Episodes 23-39 of the anime. (I have no idea if #22 is anime-original or one of the short stories.) Translated by Eugene Woodbury. Original and offline, from his home page.
  • Tasogare no Kishi, Akatsuki no Sora (The Shore in Twilight, The Sky in Daybreak) Youko AND Taiki, and the flipside of the ending of Demon Child. Probably what the anime would do if there ever were more anime. Translated by Eugene Woodbury.
  • Kasho no Yume, Eugene Woodbury translator
  • Tonan no Tsubasa (Wings of Dreams, Eugene Woodbury translator. Complete.
  • This has links and covers for Dreams, Shore in Twilight, and Sea God.
  • Kasho no Yume - Toei (Dreams of Kasho - Prosperity in Winter) Short story of Taiki. Translated by: Harunako of Otyaku.com. NOTE: my server doesn't seem to set encodings properly; you may have to tell your browser to use Japanese (Shift_JIS) encoding to see the inline kanji properly. View--Character Encoding in Firefox. Also here, with pictures. I guess I don't need two copies but I hate deleting things. Cover picture No anime correspondence. Alt translation of final scene.
  • Eight Kirin -- track 1 of the drama CD. Mt. Hou tea party after Tai-ou's ascension.
  • Sister Empresses -- track 2 of the drama CD. Joei and Jokaku
  • Other translations of the three drama CD tracks


  • Tasogare no Kishi, Akatsuki no Sora (The Shore in Twilight, The Sky in Daybreak) Vol 1 Youko AND Taiki, and the flipside of the ending of Demon Child. And, part 2. Plus another copy of vol 1, originaly labelled "youtai" for reasons I don't recall. Original part 2 -- stalled out right before the end.
  • Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai (The Sea God of the East, the Vast Sea of the West) [Vol.1 up through Ch.3; on hold until Tasogare no Kishi is done] [protagonist: Shouryuu] Translated by: Harunako of Otyaku.com. Episodes 40-44 (45 is recap) of the anime, plus I assume episode 12 (Enki's backstory and how he met En-ou.)
  • And there's Tonan no Tsubasa (The Wings of Aspiration), the Shushou/Kyou-ou novel (the 12 year old girl who's been king of Kyou for 90 years, whom we meet when Shoukei is dumped on her.) It's all the way up to Chapter One, part 6. No mirror. No anime.
  • Kasho no Yume - Kizan (Dreams of Kasho - Home to the Mountain) -- another short story, Shouryuu ("Fuukan") and Rikou (son of Sou-ou) discussing Ryuu. (canis_m translator)
  • En novel
  • Hisho no Tori

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