Buffy Board Game Supplemental FAQ

Created 24 Sep 2003
Modified 26 Feb 2006
Note: nothing here is really "official"; answers reflect either my decision or the consensus I see on rec.games.board. Remember, houserules can be your friend.

  • Q: If the closest open doorway for a vampire fleeing sunlight is already occupied, what happens?
    A: Consensus is that the vampire moves through the ally to find an empty space in the building without taking extra damage for the movement -- if it's not in sunlight, it shouldn't count. If the building is full, then the vampire has to go somewhere else, of course.
  • Q: If a werewolf has the Glove, and turns into a werewolf, what happens?
    A: No consensus, since I've just raised the question, but I'd say the Glove is dropped. Werewolf dropping trumps the non-droppability of the Glove. Why? Because it'd be really abusive for them to keep it, given that they heal. Plus they're already really buff fighters, and clearly weren't meant to have any weapon or artifact help.
  • Q: Is first use of the Glove optional?
    A: Yes. (See 6.4 in the first FAQ.)
  • Q: What about after you've used it?
    A: No consensus. You could read the above as saying "yes, always optional", but it could be argued the other way.
  • Q: Can Willow heal herself?
    A: No. A rule variant might be to allow characters to use a Help card as a spellcaster. E.g. if Buffy is carrying Healing and Tara, instead of casting the spell herself (with 1 die) or with Tara (3 dice) she'd "ask" Tara to cast the spell, and roll Tara's 2 dice. Adding a bit of flexibility, especially when Buffy is the last one left alive. If a Help card gives no Magik help, tough.
  • Q: If the Big Bad is minionless, and the black die rolls 3 small flames, can we just say the Big Bad gets to move?
    A: General consensus is "no", although I've played that way in my recent games.
  • Q: Can we get rid of the black die?
    A: Consensus seems to be that just tossing the black die is too unbalancing for Evil (although I don't know how much, if any, direct experience backs that up), but there might be room for modification. Steven Sharp suggests replacing the die with a choice of moving the 3 minions or moving the Big Bad and 1 minion. Or you could just move the Big Bad and two minions all the time, though that comes out slightly better than the die, on average (in 3 turns you'd get to make 3 Bad moves and 6 minion moves, vs. 2 Bad moves and 6 minion moves with the die.) Sharp's scheme comes out worse than the die but the upside is that you get to choose, e.g. you don't get stuck unable to even fight back while someone beats up the Bad.
  • Q: What happens when Angelus is carrying the Mark of the Anointed and gets ensouled? Does he drop it? Does his damage done still heal the Master?
    A: I don't know.
  • Q: Are there other scenarios?
    A: Yes, see the other links on the main page.