Re: AltInst: Minimum innovation size for patents

From: Lee Daniel Crocker <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 1998 - 12:34:05 PST

> This article investigates patent protection for a long sequence
> of innovations where firms repeatedly supersede each other.
> Incentives for R&D can be insufficient if successful firms earn
> market profit only until competitors achieve something better.
> To correct this problem, patents must provide protection against
> future innovators. This article proposes using a patentability
> requirement--a minimum innovation size required for patents. A
> patentability requirement can stimulate R&D investment and
> increase dynamic efficiency. Intuitively, requiring firms to
> pursue larger innovations prolongs market incumbency because
> larger innovations are harder to achieve, and longer market
> incumbency implies an increased reward to innovation.

What's the proposal here? This is exactly how the patent system
works right now: the "minimum innovation" is precisely whatever
a court determines is sufficiently "novel and unobvious". This is,
of course, subjective, and always will be.

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