AltInst: Incentive Compatible Forecasters Hired?

From: Robin Hanson <>
Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 14:39:46 PST

Someone is trying to set up an unusual forecasting business:


Valmarpro Forecasting desires to procure a reserve pool
of part-time forecasters and estimators on a variety of topics.
Forecasters/estimators will be paid in accordance with the
patented Lundgren method of forecasting incentives, which
calculates the value marginal product (VMP) of individual
forecasters. The forecasting incentives method is capable of
eliciting unbiased forecasts or estimates for both observable
and unobservable variables. Possible applications include
prediction of future prices, quantities, and profits;
estimation of environmental externalities; estimates of
regulatory costs/benefits; business, financial, and mutual fund
valuations, including prediction of means and variances;
macroeconomics; and other specialties. In addition, individuals
are needed to represent the business and to promote the sale
and use of this forecasting incentives method by potential
business and governmental clients. These part-time opportunities
do not require geographic relocation, do not require travel, and
should be compatible with other full-time employment. Both
economists and noneconomists with forecasting or estimating
ability are encouraged to apply. A representative will be at
the January 1999 AEA/ASSA meetings in New York. For further
information by regular mail, please mail or e-mail your mailing
address. CONTACT: Carl Lundgren, Valmarpro Forecasting, Inc.,
4801 Copley Lane, Suite 241, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-5966

Robin Hanson
RWJF Health Policy Scholar FAX: 510-643-8614
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