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Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 13:07:50 PDT

The Economist has an article on the idea of a World Currency:

An excerpt:

The usual way to ask whether countries would be better off=20
sharing a single currency=97that is, whether they constitute an=20
=93optimal currency area=94=97is to examine the following trade-off.
On one side is the undoubted convenience of a single money as=20
a lubricant for trade and cross-border investment. On the other
is the loss of the exchange rate as a shock-absorber for times=20
when one or more of the countries face pressures (an abrupt=20
fall in demand for their exports, say, or a sudden rise in=20
labour costs) that the others are spared=97a so-called
=93asymmetric shock=94.=20

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