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[From Anton Sherwood's post:]

>: Richard Ross-Langley of St Albans, UK, proposes (at:
> that arguments over sharing
>: out property from a Will could be avoided by his procedure whereby
>: executors auction the property amongst those eligible, with the highest
>: bidders' payments going into a pool to be shared out at the end.
>How does his scheme differ from that of H.SteSubject: inhaus
>(set forth in _Mathematical Snapshots_)?

There was a psych paper many years ago in Scientific American, or
New Scientist or suchlike, on co-operation in game theory which
discussed a similar concept. My proposal discusses typical and
extreme cases, indicating how feedback leads to a stable solution.
But _Math Snapshots_ is not on my reading list - how does it differ?

(By the way, my algorithm is not limited to Wills.)

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