Re: AltInst: Road tolls would centralize cities

From: Karl R. Peters <>
Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 18:02:00 PDT

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998 wrote:

> Hong Kong has opted for modern transportation, buses, subways, some taxis, and
> elevated people movers (really nice). Nobody needs to ride a bike in Hong
> Kong. Hong Kong is the best solution, the cleanest air, and the fastest way to
> get around. It is a thoroughly modern city. For developed cities with a high
> population density, the best alternative is a variety of mass transit
> solutions. There is no freedom like not having to own a car. The buses burn
> kerosene so they do not pollute as much as in China.

Yes, expanding mass transit probably is the best solution. How did Hong
Kong develop its mass transportation system? Here in the US, it seems
impossible for municipalities to obtain adequate funding for mass
transportation solutions. Why is this?


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