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On the lighter side:

 Newsgroups: talk.politics.guns
 Subject: Re: How Good is Millimeter CCW Detection?
 Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 16:44:52 GMT
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> jyanik@*** (jim yanik) writes:
> > I believe that the device is a PASSIVE mmw viewer. It's supposed to scan
> > the mm-waves *emitted* by a living body. Any firearm or large chunk of
> > metal,or even aluminum foil <grin> would block the emitted mm-waves,and
> > show as a dark area on the scanner screen.Just imagine a jacket with
> > foil cutouts of a handgun profile pasted on the inside. What fun! (Peter H. Proctor) wrote:
> Then it is really a ( very far ) IR scanner. Wonder why they don't
> just call it that ?. Maybe because this suggests it really will show the
> exact outline of a person, leading to all sorts of abuse potential.

 Some enterprising individual should buy a detector, or get a cop friend to
 loan access to one, and figure out how various materials scan, and then go
 into the "scan fashions" business---geometric shapes, silhouettes of a
 pretty girl, "scan-proof" underwear, A t-shirt or jeans that scans to show
 in block letters "No Peeping", A guitar silhouette, A rose, a huge hemp
 leaf, opaque trench coats and purses.... Sell them in head shops.

 Make them the next cool trend and make a fortune.


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