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From: Peter C. McCluskey <>
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 23:51:49 PDT (John Carter) writes:
>If the state believes an asset is undervalued on a form by more than
>50% and can prove it by publically finding a buyer at twice the stated
>value, the state can repossess that asset and sell it to that
>buyer. The stated value goes to the owner, and the rest goes to the

 That would make it pretty tricky to rely on property whose value is rising
rapidly. For instance, here in Silicon Valley I gather it hasn't been unusual
for people who are putting their houses on the market to underestimate its
market price by 20 or 30%. Imagine how easy it would be for a busy person
who didn't want to sell her house to overlook the need to get a new appraisal
every few months in years when the housing market heats up.

>You needn't list every desk and chair own by every company you have
>shares in, merely the company and the percent share and the
>value. Each company must list its assets in some sensible and public

 Do I have to list every book I own? Every photo I've taken? The obvious
answers to this kind of question either create lots of paperwork (and
some privacy objections) or create some clear-cut loopholes which impair
the apparent fairness of your proposal.

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