Re: AltInst: Marriage Election

From: Doug Linder <>
Date: Fri Jun 19 1998 - 23:40:06 PDT

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Robin Hanson wrote:

> Dave adds 'When I'm dating someone who's not right for me, my friends
> always know way before I do. I love being in love, and being committed
> to a loving relationship...I have complete confidence that my friends
> and relatives will select the right person for me.'

I think this is an interesting idea. Not for everyone, certainly, but he
does have a good point - friends usually know when a relationship is
doomed before the person involved does. Taving your friends - who
presumably know you very well, and in a very objective way - pick a spouse
for you is not a bad idea. It's almost... tempting. Personally, I don't
know if I'd marry the person on the spot, but then again maybe that makes
for a reason to really try to get to know each other. At any rate I wish
them well!

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