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Throughout the nation, divorce rates are skyrocketing to all time highs
as many of us struggle to find a successful life-long relationship. One
man in Minnesota may have a new solution. On June 13, 1998, David
Weinlick will be wed to the bridal candidate selected for him by
democratic process on the day of the wedding. While many have expressed
shock or even outrage at the idea of marrying someone you may not even
know, Dave feels that the odds of success are far greater this way.

According to Dave 'People who write this off as unromantic are missing
the point. I can't think of anything more romantic than throwing caution
to the wind and spontaneously getting married. That would be the best
first date story I've ever heard. I am very optimistic that this process
will yield a long-term, loving relationship. I look forward to looking
back at this and laughing fifty years from now with my wife - whomever
she may be.'

As the event draws near, the candidate selection process grows more
heated. Though at first glance, this concept is frequently taken as a
joke, there is now no mistaking the seriousness with which Dave is
approaching his upcoming wedding. At last count, 19 nominees have been
posted on the web, meaning that, even after removing the obligatory
celebrity nominations and inside jokes, the number of viable candidates
has already surpassed expectations.

To ensure a continued increase in participants, The Campaign to Elect A
Mrs. David Weinlick has made an extensive media buy on major cable
network spots throughout the Twin Cities, as well as more traditional
print media advertisements. Steve Fletcher, Wedding Campaign
Coordinator, is thrilled with the attention the campaign is getting:

'This marriage is really all about choice. I think people are hungry for
an alternative to the traditional courtship - marrriage - divorce
sequence that we all live through right now. A candidate to be selected
by vote by Dave's friends and relatives at the wedding. I mean, who
knows you better than your friends? Dave's ex-girlfriends are evidence
that he - like most people - is ill-equipped to make reasonable
decisions about romantic relationships. Hormones get involved, and you
never know what could happen.'

Dave adds 'When I'm dating someone who's not right for me, my friends
always know way before I do. I love being in love, and being committed
to a loving relationship...I have complete confidence that my friends
and relatives will select the right person for me.'

On June 13, Dave, ceremony attendees, media, and of course, the bridal
candidates will gather at Minnehaha Falls at noon for a Bridal Candidate
Mixer, to give participants an opportunity to select a suitable bride.
The votes will be cast at 3:00 PM, and the ceremony will begin once the
votes are tallied, and a bride is announced. In the event that the
winner is not in attendance, there will be a stand-in for ceremonial
purposes, and the winning bride will be contacted post haste to
formalize the marriage.

Dave's take on all this: 'I am a firm believer in the democratic
process, and I hope that this will not only find me a compatible spouse,
but will also spark much needed discussion about our society's approach
to marriage.'

For more information, visit the Nominations Web Page:

For interviews, or press passes to the ceremony, please contact:

Steve Fletcher
Wedding Campaign Coordinator
(612) 817-9212

Robin Hanson
RWJF Health Policy Scholar, Sch. of Public Health 510-643-1884
140 Warren Hall, UC Berkeley, CA 94720-7360 FAX: 510-643-2627

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