Re: AltInst: Japanese love detectors

From: Nicholas Albery <>
Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 11:10:20 PDT

>A love detector that bleeps when the chance of romance comes near has taken
>the Japanese market by storm

Old AltInst subscribers may remember that I submitted a similar (but better
I think!) concept to the list (Sep 24 '96). Perhaps these new Jananese
devices could be modified to contain this extra information:

My idea is for helping people find partners or romance or new friends.
Imagine you have a smart card, with your characteristics and the
characteristics of the kind of person you would like to meet. When someone
with a compatible smart card comes within range, a device prods your skin,
the number of prods indicating how compatible.

And if you were to go to a singles restaurant or bar, the receptionist
would insert your card and then direct you to the table of the most
compatible person there at present, until someone more compatible arrived.

But if there were a standard form in use on the web for listing such
characteristics, an advanced search engine of the future should be able to
come up with the most compatible people in the world for you, by looking at
their home pages, without any of the expense of joining a marriage or
romance bureau.

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