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Yeah, I wish I had the kind of luck in finding
guys that Ekaterin does! Not that she was trying
to at all, more like the opposite. (okay, maybe
that's the key...) But wow, he's really grown up
a lot in the last few books, and she is an
immensely lucky fictional woman. With
outstanding taste in men, incidentally, or at
least now that she's certain enough of herself
not to be fooled or trapped. Speaking of which,
I was very impressed with how Bujold treated
Ekaterin's marriage with Tien in "Komarr" - that
couldn't have been easy to write. She held
nothing back out of squeamishness, it's about the
most honest depiction I've ever read of some of
the stuff that goes through your head and that
people do, despite logic perhaps, in a
destructive relationship like that.
Anyway... hey, oddly enough, my roommate finally
asked me what the heck I was laughing about the
other night, so I tried to explain some of the
history of Kou, Drou, and the library couch as
reapplied (with gleefully merciless precision) by
Cordelia in "A Civil Campaign"... and of course I
had to then explain the explanation, with a
lengthy digression into arcane funny bits like
Miles and Simon's fishing trip and the list of
ladies scene in the last few pages of "Komarr,"
so now she wants to borrow the first couple books
to figure out what the heck I was babbling about.
 (Another convert, heh heh! j/k - )

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