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>hello! in addition to my query last time about young adult books dealing
>with physical abuse, does anyone know of any young adult novels that
>address characters dealing with physical deformity of some kind, such as
>burn victims or people with a genetic disease? the only ones i know of are
>_a night without stars_, and one i haven't read yet called _lizard_. (and
>then i guess there's the beast in _beauty_/rosedaughter, and probably some
>of robin's other characters i'm forgetting...)
>take care,

    In Ursula K. LeGuin's Tehanu, there is a child who is a victim of abuse
and is deformed by being burned. The novel really isn't YA though, even
though it's part of the Earthsea series. Then there's Miles Vorkosigan in
Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series- which again isn't exactly YA, but
the first few books about Miles are when he's still a teen. Miles is born
with brittle bones because of a toxic gas attack on his parents while his
mother is pregnant with him. And Menolly in Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall
series (which IS YA) is verbally abused, neglected, and a cut on her hand
is allowed to heal incorrectly. Readis in McCaffrey's Dolphins of Pern has
a similar situation to Menolly's too.

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