McKinley: recommendations?

From: Tawen Chang <>
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 19:00:15 PST

OK, for some reason I am waiting eagerly for a couple of books to come out
in the next 4 months, but have nothing to read right now (at least no
fantasies books). Does anyone have something that came out recently (w/t
the last 3 months or so) that they'd recommend? (I am really desperate here.)

I am specifically looking for:
Urban fantasy: such as most of De Lint's books, Emma Bull's War for the
Oaks, etc.
Books about apprentice knights/wizards/sorcerers/witches: like Diana Duane'
So You Want to be a Wizard series, Diane Wynne Jones' Deep Sorcery, Garth
Nix's Sabriel.
Fantasy books set on college campus or about students of any kind: like
Pamela Dean's Tam Lin and Juniper, Gentian, Rosemary, or Caroline
Stevermer's College of Magics.

But suggestions about any other kinds of fantasy books would be welcome
too, as long as they came out fairly recently.

p.s. On a completely different (and irrelevant) topic, is there anyone on
this list who lives in California and might know what's considered
"reasonable" rent in areas around Palo Alto?

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