McKinley: mary magdalen/holy grail

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Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 19:57:45 PDT

speaking of far-out theories about mary magdalen, there's one that says the
hidden treasure on oak island in nova scotia, canada(where i go to visit
relatives every summer:-) is really the holy grail - no one has ever been
able to bring up the "treasure," even with the most advanced modern
technology, b/c elaborately engineered water-traps cause the earth around it
to collapse whenever anyone gets too close to it (yes, this really will get
around to mary magdalen!). the secret society of free-masons have been
involved for years in sabotaging others' efforts to excavate the oak island
treasure, and one theory is that the free-masons know the secret way to acces
the treasure, and want it to remain hidden b/c the treasure is really the
holy grail. and according to this theory, the holy grail is, literally(stop
reading now if you don't want to be grossed out!), the preserved organ of
mary magdalen's womb! no, i did not read this in the "enquirer" - several
years ago i was researching treasure hunting/buried treasure for a
scholarship project, and came across these theories in several books on oak
island. other theories say that jesus and mary magdalen had children, and
that the
"holy grail" buried on oak island is the birth records of those children and
their descendants, which have been entrusted to the free-masons for their own
inscrutable purposes... then again, other theories say the oak island
treasure is shakespeare's original manuscripts(!), or maybe just plain old
pirate gold...

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