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Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 21:14:57 PDT

Salve, all!

Boy, everybody's really getting riled up about this! Personally, I have to
half agree with both opinions. Having read the first three books (haven't
gotten the 4th yet; it was released in NZ the day after I returned Stateside,
which was yesterday), I'll admit that they aren't enduring literary
masterpieces on the scale of Tolkien and his ilk. However, they're
certainly worth a read- maybe two. I've found them all enormously
entertaining, and plan to keep reading as long as I find them so. My advice
would be to get the first from the library (if there's no waiting list), kick
back, and just read it without preconceptions. They're a perfect way to
amuse yourself on a lazy summer afternoon- engaging and funny, and certainly
far better than most of the trash that's published nowadays. Harry
Potter's certainly NOT another Blair Witch Project, all hype with absolutely
no foundation. Besides, it'll be a long wait for the next Robin book- why

Enjoy, whatever you decide to read!


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