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That's really too bad, they are all great and I really enjoyed them. You
might just check out the first one from the library if you don't want to
spend the money in case you don't like it. If you are paying attention to
other reviews, just remember that if you like the books you seem to (ie
Robin McKinley's) I believe you would also enjoy Harry....

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>>> Just finished the new Harry Potter book on Monday. What do you all
>>> think of it? I've been enjoying the series a lot, it is like reading an
>>> old favorite
>> I haven't read any of them, and probably won't. The Usenet reviews from
>> people I trust say "fun, but nothing great". They're excited about new
>> McKinley or Iain Banks, not Harry Potter. And there was a pretty
>> negative review in the Wall Street Journal ("seven cliches on one page")
>> although I have no idea how far to trust it.
> well, excuse you because Harry Potter's one of the greatest children's
> books!

It's an opinion....mine...J.K Rowling wants to be Roald Dahl...and she blows
it. I read the first one, and I was unimpressed. I enjoy Robin McKinley,
Meredith Ann Pierce, Roald Dahl, L.M. Montgomery, J.R.R. Tolkein, & C.S.
Lewis. Harry Potter seemed neither original nor exceptionally well-written.
There are plenty of plot inconsistencies, as I, excuse you, but
just because Harry Potter is a fad, not everybody has to like the books.

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