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> > OT for "Off Topic".
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> > > ShanChan <> wrote:
> > >
> > > Just finished the new Harry Potter book on Monday. What do you all
> > > of
> > > it? I've been enjoying the series a lot, it is like reading an old
> > > favorite
> >
> > I haven't read any of them, and probably won't. The Usenet reviews
> > people I trust say "fun, but nothing great". They're excited about new
> > McKinley or Iain Banks, not Harry Potter. And there was a pretty
> > review in the Wall Street Journal ("seven cliches on one page")
although I
> > have no idea how far to trust it.
> >
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> well, excuse you because Harry Potter's one of the greatest children's
> books!
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Hey everyone,
No need to get cranky. I love lots of books that probably no one else likes.
I gave someone "Beauty" to read and she thought it was juvenile. I felt a
little hurt about it! But then she has given me some of her favorites and I
didn't care for all of them either. So we both think the other is dumb
now... :-)

I also feel that reading reviews is fine, but take them all with a grain of
salt, since they are other people's opinions and you are the only one who
can really know what you like. Too many reviewers are trying to prove how
much smarter they are than their readers by saying something *is* bad, and
the reader is just too dumb to realize it.

Anyway, that's enough pompous pretentious wank stuff from me...

More off-topic-
I am trying to find a full set of the OZ books, from Wizard to Tick-Tock to
Glinda. Hopefully with nice covers, (no bad art) and not too expensive...
Any suggestions?


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