Re: McKinley: more witchiness

From: Tawen Chang <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 02:28:20 PDT

_A College of Magics_ is a lovely, lovely book. I think the setting is
probably "alternative universe." It's basically Europe, with magic and a
couple of fictional countries thrown in.


At 08:52 PM 6/29/00 -0700, you wrote:
>hi! thanks to everybody who responded to my pyewacket question:) now i
have another witchy-type question: do y'all know if any of the following
books about witches are set in the [more or less] "real world," or whether
they take place in fantasy/sci-fi type settings? - _the witches of
eileanan_, _the juniper game_, _a sudden wild magic_, _a college of
magics_, and _daughter of witches_? thanks!
>take care,
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