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From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 21:49:46 PDT

Juniper Game, by Sherryl Jordan: it's set in a modern-day kinda life, in a
high school actually. her book tend to be more focused towards YA, but i
find them throughly enjoyable. she also wrote Winter of Fire (truly
excellent!!) and A Time of Darkness (also good : ))

Daughter of Witches, by Patricia C. Wrede: this one is actually part of her
Lyra series, and so is set in Lyra, which is basically like all fantasy
worlds with nobles and daughters of nobles and dungeons and all. i hate to
say this about any of Wrede's books, but i didn't particularly find this one
remarkable. it wasn't bad though.


>hi! thanks to everybody who responded to my pyewacket question:) now i have
>another witchy-type question: do y'all know if any of the following books
>about witches are set in the [more or less] "real world," or whether they
>take place in fantasy/sci-fi type settings? - _the witches of eileanan_,
>_the juniper game_, _a sudden wild magic_, _a college of magics_, and
>_daughter of witches_? thanks!
>take care,
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