McKinley: wanting to be rich and famous SPOILER for SE

From: Betty <>
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 07:58:13 PDT

>The twist to the happy
> ending is that Rosie is content *not* being a famous and wealthy princess,
> somewhere, deep down, this bothers me. Shouldn't we all want to be wealthy
> and famous? Argh.

Morgan, when I started doing book reviews for Christian Library Journal, the
first book they sent me was "Papa Gatto". In it, the heroine, beautiful, kind,
and poor, is noticed by the prince at the end of the story and he asks her to
marry him. She refuses, saying she doesn't know him that well, but she'll be
happy to get to know him better and she'll think abut it. (My paraphrase.) I
LOVED it! Finally, a fiary tale woman who knows there's more to a happy
marriage than wealth and title!


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