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Thanks for the tip on the book. I'll try to find it. Do you know who wrote


Betty <> wrote:
> >The twist to the happy
> > ending is that Rosie is content *not* being a famous and wealthy
> and
> > somewhere, deep down, this bothers me. Shouldn't we all want to be
> > and famous? Argh.
> Morgan, when I started doing book reviews for Christian Library Journal,
> first book they sent me was "Papa Gatto". In it, the heroine, beautiful,
> and poor, is noticed by the prince at the end of the story and he asks her
> marry him. She refuses, saying she doesn't know him that well, but she'll
> happy to get to know him better and she'll think abut it. (My paraphrase.)
> LOVED it! Finally, a fiary tale woman who knows there's more to a happy
> marriage than wealth and title!
> Betty
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