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Well, Angel was cursed by gypsies to have a soul. This is a punishment for
him, because he feels guilt for all he had done. (apparently he was very,
VERY evil). Angel's curse is broken when Buffy sleeps with him (a moment of
pure happiness breaks the spell). and Buffy is forced to send him through
this whirling vortex which leads to Hell. As she does this, Willow finds a
spell to curse him again & make him good. It was a very sad episode. A few
episodes later, he finds his way back. He good, but they both know he & she
cannot be together, so he leaves town. Hence, the sequel.

In my area, the WB is carried by a local TV station. It is local during the
day, and then at 8:00pm it becomes the WB for a couple hours, and then is a
local station again!

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