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I guess you're led to believe that Peony is going to be the princess all
along, and I know I got that sense while I was reading it, but I didn't think
that McKinley was going to actually make her the princess in the end and do
that to the reader. I honestly thought she was going to make Rosie the
princess after all, and that there wouldn't be the final lasting deception. I
don't know, it's odd, since it *was* a happy ending, but there was really
something missing there: maybe that fairytales don't ususally end with the
heroine staying anonymous, and not getting the fame they deserve. It's
interesting that I'm saying this, because it's so American: everyone deserves
to be famous and wealthy, blah blah blah. We were talking about our national
character last night, and how you can't be meek and confident at the same
time. Pride is a sin, and yet as Americans we are overabundant. Well now, I
just got *way* off subject. But I'll bring it back. The twist to the happy
ending is that Rosie is content *not* being a famous and wealthy princess, and
somewhere, deep down, this bothers me. Shouldn't we all want to be wealthy
and famous? Argh.


Betty <> wrote:
> Morgan - I kept thinking that, somehow, Peony had been the princess all
> along. It was a neat ending, but I didn't quite understand HOW she did it.
> But, hey, it *is* a fairy tale...
> Sarah - true, the sentences were a bit involved, but I only had to reread a
> couple. As for tightening (shortening) it up... one should only make a
> McKinley story longer, never shorter; IMHO, her short stories all beg to be
> lengthened and filled out.
> Cameron - loved Narl (who reminded me of the Beast in RD a little), didn't
> like Rowland (too Prince Charmingish), loved Rosie, the perfect
> and Katriona and her desperate wish to comfort a cursed princess that got
> up and into trouble before she knew what she was doing.
> Rachel - I totally agree about Katriona. I'd love to have had more of her
> less of Peony <grin> Never did like those too-too-perfect girls...
> Anyone who hasn't gone to Robin's official web site
> <
> (if there is such another dolt on here...)
> Should go RIGHT NOW!! It's a wonderful site, filled with things written
> Robin by Robin, book excerpts, a bibliography, book ordering info, and all
> kinds of other stuff. I just went to it this morning (after being up until
> 0230 with SE and wanting still more Robin...) and I loved it. The
> of selling her house and the way she felt afterwards was very familiar to
> and a lot of her life sounded like stuff I went through as a child (moved a
> lot, early reader, loved and tried to be A Little Princess... etc. etc.).
> Check it out!!!
> Betty
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