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Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 09:15:11 PDT

I ordered "Bring me the Head of Prince Charming" at my library, I'll be
going to pick it up tomorrow. Just mentioning it because it was the list
that brought the fabulous title to my attention, and now I can't wait to
get to it :) I'll be happy to share what I think of it, with anyone
who's interested (which isn't too likely, granted, but can't hurt!) when
I'm finished.

This list is the best thing since sliced bread, as far as finding new
titles goes! :)


"Countryman, I have seven kids to feed. If they're to eat, I can't 
afford to drink." He added with the impressiveness of a man who 
enjoys turning a phrase. "Their hunger is the enemy of my thirst."
		-Victor Hugo, "Les MisÚrables"
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