Re: [McKinley: Enchantment]

From: Katya <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 11:11:36 PDT

> Sarah Imholt <> wrote:
> Speaking of fairy tale retellings, I read Orson Scott Card's
> ENCHANTMENT last week and it was marvelous! I've read his ENDER'S GAME
> stuff (and recently ENDER'S SHADOW) and was really surprised by how
> great his take on Sleeping Beauty was. Has anyone else read it? It is >
just coming out in paperback in the States.

Actually, I got it over a month ago in pb...I enjoyed it a great deal!

> He manages to combine Sleeping Beauty, Russia and Russian folklore, time
> travel, and obscure languages into just a wonderful story. You could
> even call it historical fiction, I guess. I couldn't put it down.

Well...not historical fiction, but well-researched, yes ;)...I found the book
very compelling as well.

Another book of his in a similar "fairy tale" vein is "Hart's Hope"...not
really based on anything, but definitely possessing more of that feel than
either straight fantasy or Sci-Fi...


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