McKinley: OT: Grandma Betty needs prayer ASAP

From: Betty <>
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 20:07:19 PDT

After taking our granddaughter to live with her parents, my son's
ex-girlfriend promised she'd never keep Mike or us from seeing Kendall. Now,
after not quite a month, she's not only refusing to bring her here to visit
him anymore (he doesn't own a car, so is unable to go there), she won't let us
have her for a weekend so Mike can spend time with his baby, as she promised,
even though I offered to pick up and return the baby myself. Her mom is behind
it all, I think (she seems to dislike all of us, esp. Mike) but if I can't
talk to his ex on the phone, we can't work anything out and her mom refuses to
tell her we're calling. God can work miracles, even today, and that's what
it's going to take, so please, if you believe in the power of prayer, pray for
the whole situation: that his ex's heart will be softened, that she will
decide to keep her promise, that my son will not sink into depression again
because of missing his daughter and feeling so helpless. Being helpless is an
ideal place to be in for God to move in and do His thing, so that's what I'm
praying for... God to do a miracle! We miss Kendall so much. Easter was very
sad this year.


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