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> Well...not historical fiction, but well-researched, > yes ;)...I found the book
> very compelling as well.
Speaking of historical fiction, I just finished reading Vonda McIntyre's _The Moon and the Sun_, a fantasy set at Louis XIV's Versailles. It was very good, and there is a recommendation from Robin on the back. It was also amazingly intricate--Vonda actually spent several months at Versailles doing research. If you've ever been to the chateau or studied *le classicisme*, as I am right now, it's even more exciting because you know the setting, the more obscure allusions, and the lineage and history of the royal family, as well as what happens to them later in life (the main characters, however, are not historical personages). The book also may be made into a movie from Jim Henson Productions (Vonda wrote the screenplay and would have control over the movie) sometime in the near future, so read it soon!

Maren Williams
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