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I made a leeetle miscalculation, and you're no longer quite

I don't share your strong dislike of Luthe, but I thought her immortality was
not necessarily intended, but a by-product of the only means he had of saving
her. Then you could go into the whole argument that maybe she should not have
been saved (I didn't like the whole immortality thing either--read TUCK
EVERLASTING too many times--but I think I have gotten used to it). But if she
hadn't been saved, then Damar would have been lost. So I guess I see it as a
sacrifice on her behalf for her family and country.

I did feel it was a harsh thing for Tor, to be 2nd best now, but Tor is not
part of the "magical" part of Aerin. I think I remember from the book
something about that part of her sleeping until it was time to return to
Luthe. But I like them both-Tor and Luthe, for different reasons. And
Luthe he is a very mysterious guy, popping up every now and then. I would
love to read his own personal story. I wonder if McKinley knows what it is?
Very complex, I imagine.

Luthe has also been a very hot guy in my mind, as far as his looks go. Tor
too, but in a different way.


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