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> If it's any comfort, _The Blue Sword_ indicates that she isn't with Luthe at
> the time.

Y'know, we don't even know that for sure. She certainly couldn't have shown herself to Harry's group because she was *supposed* to be dead, but she may have been hanging around nonetheless, or in some sort of parallel-dimension-type thing. Remember Luthe's 'friends', who flit away when visitors come? Maybe they're all sort of disembodied souls or something, though I know we don't want to think of Aerin as a disembodied soul. Anyway, I always assumed that Luthe was somehow communicating with Aerin through the dragon stone, which glows to varying degrees when he's talking to Harry.

> polyamorous lifestyle, and goes back to him since he'll die soon. Decades
> later she goes back to Luthe. At some point within the next four hundred
> years they realize their relationship didn't have the most solid foundation,
> and they part amicably.

NOOOoooooo!! (sorry)

And a technicality: I must have already deleted the part where you said that Aerin was the first unattached female that Luthe had seen for a couple thousand years...Anyway, I place "The Stagman" (which, by the way, was reprinted in the latest issue of _Cicada_ magazine--the second time they've run a Robin story) a few generations before Aerin, and in that story Luthe comports himself with much restraint in the presence of a (temporarily) unattached female, who also happens to be his student. I know I had the chronology figured out at one time, but I don't remember how.


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