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From: Katherine Hartsough <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 23:21:40 PDT

   I was just exaggerating for effect (see below). I clearly remember that
Luthe, to all appearances, hadn't realized the effect the water would have
on Aerin. However, that doesn't say much for his intelligence and magical
intuition. Anyway, I'd also like to point out that he says she has been
made no longer quite mortal, or a little more than mortal, or something of
the sort- not immortal. But that phrase can be taken many ways. Given the
context, it seems that it means Aerin will live longer than normal, and
perhaps have some other odd powers. It doesn't seem as if she is with Luthe
by the time of the Blue Sword, so something happened presumably. Maybe
Luthe miscalculated (surprise, surprise!) and being not quite mortal has
nothing to do with living longer at all. Perhaps Aerin died around the same
time as Tor, or a little later. There are multiple interpretations.

>From: Sarah Imholt <>

>"Katherine Hartsough" <> wrote:
>I made a leeetle miscalculation, and you're no longer quite
>I don't share your strong dislike of Luthe, but I thought her immortality
>not necessarily intended, but a by-product of the only means he had of
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