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> can't stand him! I remember thinking that it was the ultimate betrayal for
> Aerin to be lovers with him, planning to return at some date in the misty
> future. My sentiments were always with Tor, who was sensitive, kind, and
> rather wry. When Luthe came along, it was like in movies where I know what

Luthe also strikes me as sensitive, kind, and wry. And he tells Aerin her
history, and of her kelar, and boosts her self-esteem and -valuation, and
teaches her without hesitation. Tor teaches her swordplay, but there was an
unspoken barrier against cavalry fighting -- real fighting. Luthe busily
turns her into a mage, without any sense that she's inferior or restricted
because she's a woman, or capable despite being a woman.

> him for semi-ruining the story, I would simply consider him a boring
> side-character in terms of both looks and personality. And the whole fiasco

Looks? Looks are up to you, apart from basics (tall, blonde.)

Hey, how many people picture Tor as the (East) Indian he is?

> in regards to the water was really annoying: oh, whoops! In spite of being
> such a great wizard (though we have little evidence of this, despite all the
> trappings), I made a leeetle miscalculation, and you're no longer quite

Well, Agsded doesn't that much dramatic stuff either. Luthe's just 2000 years
old or more, dismissive of the Damarian royals, who seem quite potent by
normal standards, capable of pulling Aerin back through time, and still alive
despite being hated by Agsded, said to be to Maur as Maur was to little swamp

> such as Luthe, who otherwise is very empty for me. My hope has always been,
> unlike many other listmembers, that Aerin died when most mortals die,

Death bad. I like Aerin. Want her not dead.

If it's any comfort, _The Blue Sword_ indicates that she isn't with Luthe at
the time. My take on events: 20-year old Aerin goes to >>2000 year old Luthe,
and falls in love with her teacher, who also falls for her, although this may
or may not be because she's the first unattached female he's seen in thousands
of years. Realizing she also loves Tor she sensibly opts for a somewhat
polyamorous lifestyle, and goes back to him since he'll die soon. Decades
later she goes back to Luthe. At some point within the next four hundred
years they realize their relationship didn't have the most solid foundation,
and they part amicably. That or she gets tired of life and lets herself fade
some more.

> forth visions to Harry from the after-life (whatever it is). Or maybe the

She'd be very special. And lonely. No one else even mentions an afterlife.

> visions are simply a product of history- the events happened, so are part of
> some magical consciousness that can be accessed through kelar. Anyway, the

"Use the Force, Angharad!"

> what is so attractive about Luthe? Because I don't see it, or perhaps it is
> more that what is supposed to be attractive in him doesn't attract me at
> all.

Handsome, powerful, treats her like a full-fledged if rather ignorant person,
shows her her potential, makes sense of her life.

-xx- Damien X-)
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