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> First, I didn't think that Luthe intentionally made Aerin immortal. Even
> great wizards have their limits, and I think Luthe was in fact sorry (in a
> way) that it had happened.
It's been a while, and my memory's been caught out once already, but it says I
had the impression Luthe made Aerin immortal as the alternative to her dying.
She'd faded too much, and was beyond repair, at least for his limited
(according to him) healing abilities; he could let he die, or transform her.
He knew what he was doing, but he didn't have much choice.

And I got the impression it was an odd form of not-quite-mortality, not so
much unaging life as being frozen, given the way her hair didn't grow... on
the other hand, she and Tor had children, so she can't have been too abnormal.

> He said something like this: love is not a bucket that empties out; it's
> like a stream. And when it finds itself blocked in one direction it
> doesn't dry up but strives to flow in a new direction. (He said it much

Good thing to bring in.

> In defense of Luthe, Harry, and the girl from the short story (I just
> blanked out on its name) with regard to a previous topic: I didn't think
> they were lazy at all. I think the person who said that Luthe just know

I wasn't saying Harry or whoever were lazy, for wanting normal lives. I claim
_Luthe_ is lazy, given his failure to keep a good eye on Aerin, plus his
general life and way he expresses himself.

> mortal was right. When someone has so much power it takes more strength of
> mind/discipline and whatever is opposite to laziness to _not_ use it. As

Only if you actually want anything.

Of course, one might argue Agsded was a bit sluggish, given his purported
power. Probably best to realize that gods busy over the millennia wasn't the
history Robin wanted, but she wanted the gods, so they all have to seem lazy.

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