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> > Indeed. All that power, and so, so, lazy.
> > (That should provoke something.)
> That seems to be a running character trait(fault?) in her books. I wouldn't
> call it laziness, though. More a reluctance to use the power one has access
> to- Luthe knows what kind of damage he could inflict and therefore stays out
> of it. That girl in the "A Knot in the Grain" could have had all kinds of

Vs. the damage which could be caused by staying aloof?

But he's not deliberately aloof versus Agsded; there's not much he can do.
Agsded is stronger, and Luthe stays in his place of power. I call him lazy
there because he promised Aerin's mother he'd keep an eye on her child, and he
does somewhat, but I think he also admits letting things slip. You'd think
he'd be more careful with his dead friend's child and the last chance to kill

I remember thinking he was excessively quiescent in _The Blue Sword_, but
can't remember enough to form an argument.

> fun but would rather just save her town and get on with life. Even Harry is
> made nervous by the magic around her and would much rather have been
> "normal."

Makes sense, for Harry. Bit late, for Luthe.

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