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I don't think that was ever stated. Teka tells Aerin that Aerinha taught the
men of Damar honor and swordfighting, to Aerin's disgust.

I somehow remember someone, perhaps Arlbeth or Tor saying something to the
effect that Aerinha the goddess forged the crown...oh, well

I don't think the Crown is ever given an origin. It's tidy to assume that
Aerin's mother was Aerinha, or inspired the tales of her,

Huh? Aerinha was the goddess, but Aerin's mother was mortal and semi-human
(being northern...someone notes in the book that Aerinha and Aerin the mother
both came from the north, I think, but I would never confuse/conflate the
two)...I never meant to imply that Aerin's mother was the goddess...Teka tells
her that Aerin was named for her mother... and thus to confuse Aerin, her
mother and Aerinha wasn't completely off the wall, though it is a definite
confusion...that's all


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