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> I don't think that was ever stated. Teka tells Aerin that Aerinha taught the
> men of Damar honor and swordfighting, to Aerin's disgust. I don't think the
> Crown is ever given an origin. It's tidy to assume that Aerin's mother was
> Aerinha, or inspired the tales of her, given the conjunction of name, power,
> and bias against her own gender, and then to think she made the Crown as well,
> but I'm pretty sure we don't know that.
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I haven't pored over the book as much as I should have since I started college, and I don't have it here with me (which is not as neglectful as it sounds, since I go home almost every day), but it seems to me that Aerinha *did* forge something of importance...if not the crown, then Gonturan. Luthe tells Aerin that Gonturan called him from some distance (another country, I think?) so that he could retrieve her, but he doesn't say that she originally came from there, does he? The reference (to Aerinha forging one or the other) may even have come from _Sword_.


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