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> spelled out what happens..I also want to find out where Luthe said she went
> forward in time. I don't remember that...
It may have been more a statement that he was dragging her back in time; I
forget the details. It's after he meets her coming back from Agsded's tower.

> But thanks for letting me know about who the dragon's head quote was
> attributed to. Luthe is a pretty amazing guy!
Indeed. All that power, and so, so, lazy.

(That should provoke something.)

> what did robin mean by "reductionist analysis"? Does that mean that it was
> difficult to analyze what had happened like we're doing, instead of just
> chalking it up to magic, mysticism and kelar?
Actually, in response to ReezyMae's question, Robin never used the phrase in
her letter to me (on the web site); I certainly didn't mean it was in the
book. But I think the spirit of the letter is consistent. It was in response
to my timeline (also on the website) which tries to order things and raise
unanswered questions, in the belief that there was solid history in Robin's
mind. She basically rejects that, saying she's more Jungian than Darwinian,
which I translate as being more into myth and archetype than history. So
detailed logical analysis will probably never be answered.

> I guess that I thought that the surka/dragon's heart was the real hero's
> crown, not the one that Agsded had. Not sure where I got that one from

If Agsded hadn't had a physical crown that'd be a neat idea. I mean, the
surka in general being the Crown, which the royals had 'lost' through losing
their kelar.

-xx- Damien X-)
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