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ok, ok, so I will go back and reread the part about climbing to fight
Agsded. Maybe the entire novel! (shucks :)) I agree that it is not really
spelled out what happens..I also want to find out where Luthe said she went
forward in time. I don't remember that...

But thanks for letting me know about who the dragon's head quote was
attributed to. Luthe is a pretty amazing guy!

what did robin mean by "reductionist analysis"? Does that mean that it was
difficult to analyze what had happened like we're doing, instead of just
chalking it up to magic, mysticism and kelar?

It appears that my imagination is overfertile as well ;)

I guess that I thought that the surka/dragon's heart was the real hero's
crown, not the one that Agsded had. Not sure where I got that one from

My original post was mainly just letting the person who wrote in know that
_Hero_ is definitely worth reading and re-reading. It turns out that I
still am unclear on the whole battle with agsded. do you guys think that
anyone will ever realize that this is not a personal email to Robin but to a


>Subject: Re: [Re: McKinley: HERO AND THE CROWN]
>Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 18:06:43 -0800
>Alex wrote:
> > As far as the dragon stone goes, as I'm sure you know, it was from the
> > drops of blood from Maur's heart. The stones were the prizes that the
> > took back from killing a dragon, not the head (I can't remember whether
> > not Luthe or Agsded told Aerin this).
> > If you didn't understand that in the
> > end Aerin found that she had the tools for the crown all the time and
> > gets a little difficult to explain), that she travelled back in time to
> > actually create the crown, then you will need to reread the novel. This
> > a main part of the book and very important to understanding what
> > and any symbolism.
>Katya wrote:
> > this: Aerin and Agsded fight in the future ("I really was a long time
> > climbing?" she asks Luthe) and Aerin continues to go forward in time as
> > tower/crag falls (And I really was a very long time falling?). Luthe
>I have to chime in with Katya; I don't know where you got the back in time
>bit. Luthe said she went forward. And the evidence supports that: when
>lands the ruins of Agsded's tower have been reclaimed by the jungle.
>How that was supposed to work, I don't know. As Robin's letter to me
>indicates, _Hero_ doesn't bear too much reductionist analysis.
>I did like the idea that Aerin's mother might have forged the Crown way
>when. I think I got that idea from my overfertile imagination.
> > *past*) in the City, in the blue garden with Narknon. As for the crown,
> > was always worthy of it, and had everything she needed to inherit
> > Damar...Agsded had the crown, but Aerin did have what it took to defeat
>him by
> > her own power and her own intelligence.
>I have to say that intelligence was not obviously present in that fight.
>if it was, it was Gonturan's intelligence guiding Aerin's power.
>Aerin leaves Luthe. Animals mysteriously follow her. They break a door in
>the tower, where Aerin herself had failed. She climbs. She climbs. She
>climbs. She and Agsded trade words, then swordblows, then she loses
>then she throws the bloodstone-surka wreath at him and he gets burned by
>own fire. Then she falls. And falls. Oh, and all the surka everywhere
>Does this make much sense? Not to me. I guess it has that mythic feel.
>Aerin's personal abilities were much more obvious when she was
>Later the kelar just takes over.
>Separtely, Rose Daughter didn't thrill me. But I can't say why anymore.
>-xx- Damien X-)
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