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Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 19:12:55 PST

i read _memoirs of a geisha_, too, my final semester at college - it's a good
page-turner, i'll admit, but not always ethnographically accurate, for all
the author's 10 years of research, as it still succumbs to western(esp.
american) stereotypes of geisha(i had to write a 15 page paper on geisha for
my japanese anthropology class - reading books is fun, but after 4 years of
college, any kind of non-creative writing, for me at least, is not!) anyway,
back to the book: i really wish the main character had ended up with a
different lover at the end - anyone else who's read it agree/disagree? i
heard steven spielberg's going to make the book into a movie soon - anyone
know when that's going to start shooting/who the actors are going to be?
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