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There's a great short story retelling of Tam Lin in Imaginary Lands, edited
by Robin. Incidentally, does anyone know where I could find a copy of that
book? There's also the whole Snow White, Blood Red; Golden Slippers, Ruby
Tears; etc, if you like short stories. Some are better than others, but I
can't remember which ones I liked. A really good anthology of retellings is
The Armless Maiden . . . more short stories, but they're all really
well-written. Course, they're pretty dark too . . .

So I couldn't actually think of any novelizations, but if you don't mind
short stories . . . : )

Another irrelevant recommendation: check out the illustrated retellings of
fairy tales in the children's sections. : ) Zelinsky is especially cool. :

Oooh!! I just thought of one! The Glass Slipper by Eleanor Farjeon. It's
a kid's book, but it's sooooo cute. : ) For new fairy tales, Gaiman's
Neverwhere and Stardust are both awesome. : ) There's a new book out called
the Fox Woman that's a retelling of an old Japanese fairy tale . . . I
haven't read it yet, but it looks interesting. Diana Wynne Jones's Fire and
Hemlock is a cool retelling of Tam Lin. : ) Actually, all of her books are
pretty awesome if you ask me.


>Has anyone else read the Fairy Tale series? Books from it include Snow
>Rose Red, Briar Rose, Tam Lin, etc. I prefer ones similar to Robin's or
>White Rose Red, where the fairy tale is left fairly intact. Can anyone
>recommend other novelizations?

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