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Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 12:26:19 PDT

did i imagine it or did elizabeth moon used to have a [somewhat negative] critique of tolkien included in one of the older editions of _sheep farmer's daughter_? i lost the book before i could finish it, but i thought i remembered elizabeth moon offering a mini-essay of tolkien criticism as an author's note in the novel...(maybe she and robin have the same kind of love-disappointment relationship with tolkien?) anyway, i bought a new edition of sheepfarmer's daughter to read, but the tolkien critique isn't in there...does anyone else know what i'm talking about?(maybe i read it somewhere on the net instead of in the book?)

p.s. - for those of you who've been emailing me individually, i'm not going to be able to check my aol address except on school breaks, so just email me at this [my college] address instead.

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