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Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 06:54:03 PDT

That is interesting; actually, I do vaguely
remember something like that. I'll have to dig
out my old (very worn out) copy...
Hey, Sheri Tepper's "Beauty" is supposed to be
based on "Sleeping Beauty," not "Beauty and the
Beast," btw. I found that out the other day.
And, of course, a bunch of other fairy tales... I
dunno, the last (and only) time I read it was
about seven years ago. No wonder I couldn't
remember what the B&B elements were, since they
didn't exist. Now there's a fairy tale that has
been butchered on multiple occasions; uhhh, Anne
Rampling/Rice, anyone??!?... I have to admit that
"Sleeping Beauty" was my favorite Disney movie
when I was little, though. It looks just
Yes, and Tepper wrote the Revenants books - I
read "Northshore," I think, but not
"Southshore"???... whichever I read, it was
creepy but fascinating.
Thanks for the recommendation, Betty! (I haven't
had net access for the last couple weeks, so I'm
catching up everything at once in the time I
have... :) )

So anyway. Tawen, ya really summed it up good.
"making any sense," ha! Oh yeah, and I'm
thrilled to find someone else who loved the
Cygnets. I keep lending them out and making
converts, but with both books out of print, I'm
getting a little more careful (read: possessive)
of them.
I'd say more, but there is a line behind me...
Danielle :)

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