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Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 21:46:04 PDT

Actually I really liked the pressed fairies book...I found the
"roadkill" rather hilarious...I think I laughed the whole way through
the book...though I was a little irked when she wrote of how she lost
her virginity...

I saw the "Fairies" movie...i found it to be a really sad was
a little disjointed in places...overall I don't really have an opinion
about the movie...I just ended up really depressed when it was
over...*laugh*...I'm sure this sounds silly...Though the part about
Arthur Conan Doyle and his beliefs in fairies was very
interesting...that wasn't the first time I had come across this...I read
a book by Elizabeth Peters called "The Love Talker" and she also tells a
similar story about Doyle's fascination with fairies.


Betty wrote:
> Karen, I can't speak for any of his other books, since I haven't read them,
> but I HATED "Lady Cottington's Pressed Book of
> Fairies". As a longtime lover of fairies/fairy tales and a short career as the
> tooth fairy to 4 kids, it was VERY distressing to see fairies portrayed as
> roadkill! Just my opinion, of course...
> Betty
> PS That reminds me, has anyone seen "Fairies" (the movie) and if so, what was
> your opinion?
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